The Western Cape Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club (WC SBTC)

The WC SBTC is a non-profit Club that promote, encourage, foster and advance the Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed in South Africa. We promote and adhere to the breed standard of the SBT breed of dog as set by the Kennel Union of Southern Africa.

The Club organise and host shows, promote a better understanding of the  breed and share knowledge of dogs and dog affairs, promote goodwill amongst people interested in Staffords or towards Staffords.

The Club also produce Newsletters, assist the public to be responsible dog owners, guide breeders and  educate new-comers to the breed before they buy, about scams and pitfalls.


The WC SBT Club was founded and affiliated to the Kennel Union of South Africa since 1991. The founders were Schally & Stella Müller (Honory Life Members, now retired), Liz & Brian Mans and Louis Visagie. The WC SBT Club will always be grateful to these Founding Members for their efforts and dedication to promote The Club and our beloved breed, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier (SBT)!

In 1991, Staffords in The Cape was generally of poor breed quality and there was little interest to improve the breed. There was no one to assist or educate new breeders or the public to breed better specimen. We are happy to say, that since then - the quality of breed have improved a great deal over the years. The Club has been successful in achieving their objectives by uplifting the breed quality over the past number of years since existence in the Western Cape. Today we are proud to be one of the strongest Stafford Clubs in South Africa, with about 150 paid up Members and 40 Life Members.

The Club, its Committee and Members are grateful for the financial donations by the Club's late President
Mr. Dennis Ryke (2009) and by the support from breeders and Stafford enthusiasts.

The Club and its Committee pride themselves in hosting 2 Open Shows and 1 Championship Show every year.  The Club also hosts regular Breed Clinics and Breed Seminars with experienced speakers to help people to get to know the breed they love!

If you are interested in learning about Staffords - please contact The Club or become a Member.

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